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August 30, 2020


There are two ways to accomplish what you want to do.
First, if you have a large number of files in a folder (from document production, closing, etc.), you can right-click on the folder in Windows Explorer and select "save to Worldox." This will save all the documents in the folder AND any sub-folders to the same location (you mentioned that your client/matter/doctype info is all the same). In addition, it will put the folder path in the comments so that you retain the original structure of the documents.
Second, you can change the number of documents that can be copied to Worldox at one time. If the firm is ok with doing this, your consultant can do this in a couple of minutes. If you want to contact me directly I would be happy to help.

Is there a similar batch processing capability in Worldox for other file types? For example, if I have a large set of files that I know are of a single document type, all for the same matter, by the same author/creator (thus applying the same metadata for cabinet fields for each file): is there a faster way to import all of these files other than bringing them in 10 at a time via WorkZone? Thanks.

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