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April 17, 2020


I think this is a question of logic and training. After all, if you can use the desktop client, then you are connected to your network and why would you want to use the Web? The web agent automates the problem of check-in/check-out and uploading/downloading. If you are NOT using the agent, then many people will download files to work on them without checking them out, so that a file could theoretically be edited by two people at the same time. Users just need to be trained that if they are using a laptop outside the office, they need to start the Web agent and not desktop client.

Yep, had the same issue with searches initially. Regarding the Web Agent, how do you reconcile with the users the fact that the Worldox desktop client and the Web Agent cannot run at the same time? Is it just a matter of educating them to close one client before opening the other? I've disabled user access to downloading the Web Agent for now, but I'm curious what other firms are doing, or if they are using the Web Agent at all.

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