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April 29, 2018


There are way too many variables to be able to get generic stats on this.
The first is basic speed of your network and internet connections. This can vary widely (does the firm have a fiber optic connection? what is the internet load?).
Secondly, it can vary depending on the load at a specific point in time. If someone is streaming video it can dramatically slow everybody else's connection. By way of experiment, I took a very large PDF (100MB) and opened it from Worldox - 5 seconds). Then I uploaded it to Box, and opened it from there. 8 seconds. However the actual upload/download process took considerably longer - 40 seconds. As with all such statistics your mileage may vary.

Thanks for reinforcing my bias against the cloud.

How much time do I spend saving documents to Worldox? How much time do I save retrieving those documents? Any stats?

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