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January 25, 2016


You are only half right. Worldox does not do sub-versions. In your example above, the comparison of v. 2 and v. 3 would be saved as v. 4. You also have the ability to add "comparison of v. 2 and v.3" to the description and/or as a comment, so that it is quite clear what is what. This may even be clearer than trying to deal with subversions (since you have clearly labeled what is what), although that might be in the mind of the beholder.
It is however absolutely NOT the case that you cannot save a comparison as a version. You can. (the only limitation is that is the comparison has been saved as a PDF, you cannot save a PDF as a version of a Word document -- but that is general and has nothing to do with document comparison as such). Depending on what redlining program you are using you can either do this from Word or from the doc comparison program.

Our firm was told that Worldox could do version control like Hummingbird, where you can do a compare/redline in word and then have the ability to save the compare as a subversion of a version. This is not the case. For example, in Hummingbird, we would have our original version 1. Version 2 is what comes back from the other side. Our Version 3 is then changes to version 2. We would then run a comparison of V2 to V3 and save as subversion 3A. All having the same document number but separated out by the V1, V2, V3 or V3A, etc., at the end of the document number. We would then send the comparision and the clean version 3 to the opposing side. When talking with Worldox, they say we shouldnt use the subversioning because it screws up Worldox and doesnt really work and we cannot save a compare as a version or subversion. It will not let us. It's making us save it as a new document and then we someone have to "relate" the documents, which is confusing and this is not what we want. Does Worldox have actual version control like Hummingbird? If not, why did they tell us they do?

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