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January 24, 2013


Yes, the complete cloud was the entire desktop on a terminal server setup. This is different: it is JUST Worldox, plus a PDF editor so that very large PDF files do not have to be downloaded to work on them. More importantly, Worldox has overcome the problem with having the desktop link with the online version. So all your local apps integrate with Worldox. This was not the case with Complete Cloud. Plus, with the Cloud version you get a full-featured PDF editor.

In my experience I have seen their first generation “cloud” solution and it was nothing more than your entire infrastructure on a large terminal server giving everyone the ability to remote in and work. The problem was that this setup was VERY expensive,

Thanks for the review.

Would you describe Worldox GX3 cloud in terms of its ability to setup extranets and does it provide basic VDR capitalities (permissioning, such as view only with no download, and audit trail), whether that's directly or through integration with true VDR providers?

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