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November 15, 2012


the cloud's integration into data center design is a very interesting matter. I love to see how others are doing it. I think it will still be years before we can fully harness these technologies. Good to see so many companies working toward that

Your post is up-to-date and timely for the latest trend in technology and the business world today. Amicus Cloud would be of great help to businesses and to other industries thriving for the tough competition in the market.

Your blog is really timely considering the fact that almost all businesses and agencies these days migrate to this environment. This is just a manifestation of continuous development in IT. Your system is just one of the fastest I've known.

Our firm is having a lot of error messages when sending emails, saving emails or saving appointments. Amicus Cloud has said that it is because we use Microsoft Exchange 365 and 365 only lets a certain amount of traffic per minute. Is anyone else having the same problems. It takes literally minutes to have an email saved or it takes so long that the problem will not let you save.

Good sharing, welcome to joy fax server: http://www.joyfax.com

I heard a lot about this cloud and it was really a good one.In Finland country many of IT expert believing that cloud and other cloud computing are very friendly for all IT companies which we seen here that give the fastest one that i never been seen before.

When I looked at the beta, the missing piece I noticed was document upload capability. There does not seem to be any means of bulk uploading or linking files to existing cloud-based documents in, say, Google Docs.

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