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August 15, 2012


“Laptop and netbook users will likely hate Office 2013’s grab of valuable screen space, some of which is pointless for non-touch users, which is most of us." This is very true. This is a wake up call for Office maker to improve more with their inventions.

So I still feel comfortable with my recommendation: if your main production machine is a desktop or laptop computer, upgrade to Windows 7 now (if you haven’t already) and avoid Windows 8 like the plague.

Windows 8 has been shipping with the interface formally known as Metro.

Windows 8 is an upright operating system for the hardcore pc users but the office tools are awesome. IT is an essential part of it where multiple tasks are enabled.

Hi John, just a quick update on the release of Windows 8.

Windows 8 was released for download last week (8/15/2012).
TechNet and MSDN subscribers as well as PC makers received access.

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