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June 29, 2012


I found this article whilst looking for other information on fujitsu scanners however I have to say also own a s1500 and think its one of the best quality scanners for the prices it sells for. Honestly, you cannot get a better scanner for the same money as this and its also mac compatibel which is even better!

This blog is truly awesome in all aspects.

When I tried the S1500 in a trade fair, one thing about it that amazed me is that it can correct any scanning errors and arrange those scans orderly. For example, slanted papers like long receipts can be straightened out and cropped in digital form to save memory. I loved the fact that it was so intuitive and intelligent – definitely a great option for frequent scanning of important documents.

Hi, one of my user have S1500. How did you integrates with worldox. What are the setting that need to be changed. Thanks

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