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March 07, 2012


My set of experiences are that it is easy enough to make Win8 be exactly like win7. One could even tweak the registry to get the start button back but then you lose other win8 features. However I have found it is more "stable" in some respects in that i do have old programs that seem to work better under win8. Maybe win8 is like a lot of other software updates; it doesn't appear to do much more than the software it is replacing. You have written much about the problem of "mandatory" upgrades that seem to add nothing. Oh well, this is what windows is going to be so we might as well accept it. Its not like Microsoft overly cares about its customers

Windows 8 is now in Beta 2 (Consumer Preview) and is widely expected to be released to manufacturing in August 2012.

MS is losing prominence in the post-pc world, they need a game changer, hence the new Metro UI.


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