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March 13, 2012


Ease of use and speed go hand in hand. Document management tools that have both of these features help business operations run smoothly. If the tools you use are user-friendly, then it’s likely that users would be able to operate them smoothly. There’s one more thing that should be in here, as well – accuracy. Speed is nothing if you don’t have accurate data.

With a few more tweaks to the integration, Time Matters with Worldox, together is stronger than the sum of the parts.

Time Matters creates and manages the profile in Worldox. The TM Save and TM Open fully integrated with Worldox behind the scenes. Check-in, Check-out, all done from within Time Matters.

Very cool document management integration. My guess is this integration hasn't been functionally enhanced since version 4 of Time Matters.

When it comes to document management I would have to say that Worldox is best in class. TM is a PMS not a DMS. I think John was pretty clear on this point. I think the takeaway from John's article is if you need a strong DMS then Worldox is a better choice then the DMS features found in most PMS`.

Actually, you may not be 100% accurate in your limitations of Time Matters email handling from Outlook or in your document searches.

In Outlook, the TMConnect button is available in Outlook on any email, not just in the primary inbox. It works great to bring your client related emails into Time Matters.

The Time Matters document search absolutely allows you to search for all documents within a date range that contain certain words.

I love Worldox, I just don't seem to need it.


This is a great article. Can you do one article comparing the main practice management systems like Time Matter, Amicus, and also the online options?


You are right - after I posted I saw that you limited the question to a doc mgt. comparison.

You're kicking in an open door. As I stated at the outset, "TM obviously does many more things than Worldox." I would certainly not claim that you can use Worldox INSTEAD OF Time Matters or similar program.
Just that a firm with any substantial number of documents needs it in addition to replace the inadequate TM document management piece.

I agree Worldox is great at doc mgt and that it provides strong searching but I am not convinced it is to be relied on to manage your practice to the exclusion of TM or similar program for reasons outlined below.

FYI - The 'TM Connect' is a batch import feature of Time Matters (TM) and can be used on sub-folders to import all or selected emails into TM in one easy step. Email attachments may be saved with the email or saved as documents with a link (specified relation) to the email. Email and attachments are fully indexed and searchable. Granted it doesn't force doc profiling, but just because you force it doesn't mean a passive-aggressive user is going to profile the doc correctly.

Many firms like the friendly user defined folder and file naming where documents are saved in easily understood names that may be viewed with Windows Explorer.

Furthermore, I am not sure it Worldox will let you do the following all in one program ...
- when saving an email to Time Matters it is easy to trigger an automatic billing record that inherits most of the billing record info from the email.
- also using a custom email field and trigger, create automatic 'follow-up' Todo's,
that are used in Todo(Task) reporting by person, or code, or staff etc.
- and reports for 'Delegation Tracking
- and 'Past Due' reports for management by exception reporting
- and emails are related in both a 'client centric' and 'matter centric' manner, in context to all of the other records (documents, notes, billing, events, todos, phone, etc user defined records) for example, if the client questions a billing entry you can see all the other records in context.
- plus you can arrange emails in a 'Powerview' (side or bottom panel) with or without other records.
- besides, an option that may be turned on at any time, TM will work hand in glove with both Outlook/Exchange and Worldox, if necessary.

So when it comes to integration I feel TM exceeds Worldox/Outlook. If all one needed was doc management than I'd go with Worldox, but if you want a full function practice mgt system, I definitely would not select Worldox versus the comprehensive features of TM or something similar.

Tom Caffrey
Premier Software
Time Matters CIC

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