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August 22, 2011


I would like to mention that in an attempt to obtain the "sunsetted" Billing Matters module and avoid duplicative billing and accounting issues...I was once again treated like a piece of crap by TM. Not only was there no information online about how to obtain the "new" BM module, I was forced to talk to a sales person: my eager rep from LN. After the used-car saloesman rap, the charge included a PENALTY for the two years without an AMP with Billing Matters for four licenses to be allowed to add the program! Yet, they are the ones (LN) who discontinued the program and today, December 2011 requitred over $750 for the years we did not have BM on an AMP! Isn't this extortion?

What arrogance. My CIC tried to defend this and I am beyond pissed-off and looking for a way out of LN and the whole TM racket. I hope someone comes up with a mac-based alternative soon...

I wish I never made the switch tio Time Matters from PC and was taled into it by a sales-rep at LN.

I think people are catching on and are leaving this racket: I am looking for an alternative and dread the migration or transtition process.

How do you sunrise a product that hasn't been sunset yet?

Lexis' decision has more to do with lost cash flow in my opinion than anything else. They don't listen to their CICs less their clients so its a load to think the reversal has anything to do with their user base. If they cared (and we all know they really don't) they would have spent that last two years rewriting the Billing Matters product.

Amicus Premium Billing looks good and I think Lexis should be worried. They are now behind and will have to play catch up with everyone else.

Firms are leaving TimeMatters in droves but sun setting Billing Matters has had little to do with their decision. The Time Matters CIC community stands to gain more than the TIme Matters users since those CICs that have invested in learning Billing Matters and now support clients on it can continue to offer support to those clients. Their investment in obtaining Billing Mattters domain knowledge will not be a total lost.

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