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April 18, 2011


John, in your recent article you mention Lexis AMP charges. AMP does more hurt then good but Lexis just doesn't get it. AMP is a slap on the face by a bully. The recipient isn't the only one offended by such an action. To make matters worst, Lexis' answer to a Cloud solution is Firm Manager. What are they thinking?

Putting a web interface on a database and calling it Practice Management in the Cloud doesn't make you a instant Cloud success. I think the Livia PRactice Management is a good example.

It seems to me that Lexis is its own worst enemy. Case and point. LexisNexis Practice Management Case Study and Time Matters Success Story Diner Law moves their practice into the future, not with Time Matters 11 or LexisNexis Firm Manager, but instead, with HoudiniESQ. Why? Where the rubber meets the road is your client base. The chassis is the technology your product is built on.


I was part of the public beta and couldn't agree more. SO SLOW.

I think Firm Manager was DOA (dead on arrival).

When you consider Firm Manager’s limited functionality it’s obvious that Lexis is banking on their publishing and research reputation. Unfortunately (for them) their reputation in “practice management software” has developed a legacy of (and propensity to) sunset their products. Billing Matters and World Edition are two strong cases illustrating their past willingness to walk away from their investments.

Obviously Lexis is not trying to stretch the market with innovation. Instead, it appears Lexis is relying on the expectation of name recognition and trust. Having read John’s comment about someone else’s’ information being sent to the wrong account holder, that raises some concerns.

I didn't realize it was "designed as a low-end SaaS practice management program." I guess that makes sense because it seemed very low-end.

The document management with Firm Manager was terrible as well. I have no interest having to download a file and then re-upload it after I make changes (unless this could go quickly). I was assuming it was incredibly slow b/c it's a Beta, but it would take several minutes just to upload a basic document. Awful.

I guess they could offer some type of integration with NetDocuments, but then it would get costly per person for the functionality of the program.

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