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March 21, 2011


This is a great blog. I came on to TM in 2000 because of Bob Butler's personal touch. I liked the fact that in 2000, he spoke of his vision of TM, intregation with email, timelines, outlines and such, and they all came about.

Having TM work on smart phones can't be that hard. I can do it now through remote desktop but I want something scaleable. I have not seen any improvement in TM since around version 7.

Just had version 11 installed. I don't see anything new or improved. It's the same as v.10. IN fact, since v.9 the lists under my contacts are all screwed up. For me, I would prefer to go back to v 7 or 8.

yes this is the message when it fails "we are aware of problems, we are working on it"

Having waited faithfully for TM 11 for the purpose of using the grand "mobility", it is a stinker. Calendar is not a function, and the little interaction with Matters and Contacts (wow..I can read and edit a memo"..thanks guys) was a disappointment. GotomyPC of logmein is the only way to be truly mobile and without the annual maintenance ripoff... Time Matters is out of touch.

Technology really brought a wide range of effect to human. With the advancement of technology, people can do whatever they want. With the use of the technology products, people now are at ease and use everything to be comfortable.

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