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January 03, 2011


Great information about Acrobat X.It has great feature to use Acrobat X tools.all the work way to easier to use.

Thanks Richard & Rick -- yes, you can put the Worldox icon to the toolbar. However, this does not work when you are viewing/downloading a PDF file from the web. Acrobat 9 was WAY easier to use in this respect.

This is not just my opinion. Sam Glover in an article on Lawyerist.com entitled "Acrobat X Brings New Lawyer-Friendly Features" notes:

"The biggest change in Acrobat X is Adobe’s attempt to simplify the menus and toolbars. I say attempt because the changes are not a big improvement. Acrobat’s interface is just as complicated as ever, but now the features are scattered to unfamiliar locations that are no easier to access."

Sounds like you need to check with Worlddox on this issue as I don't know if they have updated their plug-in for Acrobat X. Acrobat X does allow you to add any item to the QuickTools bar, so that should make it immediately available without having to open a panel.

Pretty easy fix though, just right click on the Worldox icon and select add to Quick Tools. It will then appear on the Acrobat X toolbar at the top.

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