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January 25, 2011


Very informative post! This could help me on setting up my home office... I was having hard time on preparing some equipments that I'll be using, good thing I've read this, thanks for sharing!

Good sharing, welcome to joy fax server: http://www.joyfax.com


I think phones is really important in any kind of business so be sure to have this at your office.

Great post! What a great idea about the online fax service! I've heard about these type of services but never fully understood them...so all you need is an e-mail address and a membership to use?

With fujitsu scanner, you can organize the office easily. Fujitsu Scansnap is amazing. Great tools to reduce paper clutter

i also agree with that simple solution that user should reinstall the driver because the blue screen is death for system. i really like the blog it is informative.

There are lots of reasons for today's boom in people working from home. Telecommunications and computer technology are cheap and user-friendly enough to make off-site workers productive. Workers want to spend more time with their families and away from office politics, corporate cubicles, and rush hour traffic.

There are tons of things to consider when you're starting up to build up your own home office. I agree with keeping the landline, since not everyone uses VOIP or cellphones on their business ventures, another thing, only get the things that you really need and nothing more, since, it will take up space and totally disorganized. In my place in Fairfax, I always keep the setup simple, to make sure that everything is just an arm's reach away.

Setting up our own office requires a lot of endeavor to do. This includes purchasing the top of the line computers with the latest keyboard features. Office place should be functional and comfortable. Working eight hours a day can be very stressful. Computers have made work like encoding and saving data easy and a breeze. Typing documents is faster if you have functional keyboards.

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