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January 24, 2011


It saves a lot of space and it's not that expensive. Who knows, you might get what you need there.

I am having a hard time to reorganize my lists what it should be or not for my home office since the space is very minimal.

It's a task needs to planned well in order to have a more clean and organized area at home.

Many of us would definitely like to have a home office, but most of us have a problem with time or space. With little tricks, however, we can maximize the available space forthe home office. For example, instead or using computer or office desk, some use a dinner or yard table so they can put plastic cabinets under it. It saves a lot of space and it's not that expensive. Try to look at some garage sale and flea markets. Who knows, you might get what you need there.

Setting up a home office is a good idea, especially if you want to feel comfortable while working. The only hard part is when you're planning to choose the right design for your office, but once you've cleared that part, it's smooth sailing for you.

It's cool to have a home office setup, especially when you want to have a productive place to work at. Back when I was still working for my old company, I rarely have time to take care of my family due to my busy nature of work, but as my boss learned about my current situation, he gave me the best solution to balance the time between work and family. They permitted me to work at home and handle quality control for my colleagues with the use of hosted PBX.

I agree with you on the set up of an home office. I have one and I'm constantly distracted, as it is not properly set up. I think the suggestions you give are good and going to use them to set up a proper space for me.

Actually, the Herman Miller Embody is the top of the line. You can buy it discounted from authorized resellers for about $950. It's much better (and newer) than the Aeron.

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