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January 06, 2011


Remote pc support companies offer brilliant solutions for all types of computer issues. You can be assured that all your computer problems will be provided with the right and effective solutions. Their remote computer support techs ensure that they always give you first call resolutions to all your PC issues!

Just like a car, if you don't put oil in it, it will eventually slow down and burn up. If you don't keep your computer well maintained, OS and physically, it will slow down and burn up.

While they work on your computer, you can both see what is happening on the screen and you can watch as they solve the problem.

Online computer tech support is the fastest way of resolving computer issues, be it a software, hardware or networking problem.

@need computer help, you're right man. online tech support saves not just money but time as well. Because it is delivered via the Internet, there is no need to drive to the nearest local computer repair shop. All computer users need to do is to stay at their home and relax while the online technician fix computer problems.

Unlike onsite support, online tech support offers a fixed one-flat rate for unlimited support covering a year, 2 years or 3 years depending on the type of plan. That means, much money is saved.

Nice topic to tackle. Very educational and informative post. Most of your opinions are true. Personally I agree that, annual Maintenance plan is essential and important.

I disagree. I think that annual maintenance plans can be a good idea only in specific situations

Oh well you've got a point for disregarding support as tech support cannot “fix” basic flaws in the software, it can only fix issues that are known to work correctly but for some reason in your installation are not just as you said. In the end it's always your choice or at where your most comfortable to spend you money at, it's just a matter of satisfaction then. I you get what you want then its the best option then.

A 40% AMP charge is ridiculous. Legal Software vendors have been raping Legal Firms for years. If your vendor is holding a gun to your head I suggest you look for an alternative. You don't have to stay with you current vendor.

Frank Rivera CEO

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