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May 18, 2010


At current pricing, $300 per year, per person, for the team or pro product. But to answer an old comment / question, no you can't go backwards. Assuming your contacts and calendar have been synced to outlook, they would stay there; but your files can't be dumped into Credenza from AA Premium. (I'm using the SQL product for a two person office, and I'm trying to get away from SQl.)
FWIW, when I signed my three-year AMP contract (or whatever it's called -- all upgrades, releases, and unlimited tech support, in exchange for a 3 year enlistment) it came to $600 / year -- exactly what I would pay for my two-person office under the full support plan. So while it could be looked at as "po-tay-to v. po-tah-to" I can't go backwards, and I'm not re-entering all my files into CRedenza. Personally, I'll probably transfer them to PCLaw (fairly seamlessly) although if I were a solo start-up, this would be one of my top three choices....

With the new price of $24.95 per user, it would cost about $900.00 per year to use Credenza.

It's great to have a cheap version of a premium suite. It makes it much more affordable for the attornies and the saving get passed on to the consumer.
At the same time, the software developer is still getting something - probably instead of nothing. It's a bit like Microsoft charging one price in the U.S. and a lower price in developing countries, or Adobe's student and teacher packages.

I'm thinking about getting a management software, we're, at the moment, a smell web business (4-5 people) but we might, hopefully, be growing.
Do you think this software can work for a growing business as well?

Can I go backwards and export my amicus data into credenza?

Please tell me that this means improvements to Amicus SFE/Outlook sync are in the works!

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