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April 16, 2010


I am not regular to this blog but i like you post.I havent read your previous blog about Lexis Nexis.I can understand the need to maintain the integrity of data.One should maintain records related to such topics.Questions raises and answered in this blog quite interesting.Like the work you done.keep it up

Yaps, Integrity of data is most important step in maintaining of any kind of records. If there is no integrity, It can be possible that we have 3-4 records for same person in different places and we are updating it differently time to time. And It will results in inaccuracy of record. Integrity is must.

When was PCLAW 9.20f released?

And is it worth the $ to upgrade to 10?



I understand the need to maintain control and integrity of the data. It wasn't for lack of my reaching out with numerous options and suggestions for how we could work together (Data Equity and Lexis) to provide solutions to the Time Matters community. At the end of the day I think they will remain closed to working with Data Equity for some time (if not indefinitely) into the future.

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