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January 11, 2010


It's great that are companies that investing on developing of better tech hardwares that are fit exactly for the marketing use.

Thanks for the read. I agree with the points you made. http://www.rapidhawk.com also has peoples thoughts on the matter.

The syn between Amicus Small Firm 2010 and Outlook is very problematic. I have been having problems with it since installing the SFE 2010. It works sporadically at best. The calender is the main problem. Amicus techs cannot fix the problem nor can independent Amucis certified tech support services I have tried. Noone seems to know the source of the problem or how to fix it. I'm not sure if 2010 premium has this problem. If it does it will be very time comsuming to syn with outlook

Our firm has been using Amicus for approximately 6 years and we've never truly been satisfied with it. A major feature we use is Amicus's ability to sync with Outlook, however, the feature is unreliable and takes a substantial amount of time. We currently use Amicus 2008 Small Firm Edition, but are currently trying to be sold Amicus 2010 Premium as a solution to our problems. Anyone have any comments or information about this? Is the upgrade worth the $7,000 price tag?


At the same time however, incremental changes are far easier to introduce to firm members/staff and to have incorporated into daily routines, and far less disruptive as a whole, than are wholesale changes to features and the program interface, which can be the effect of waiting a few years before installing upgrades. David

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