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January 13, 2010


The product does not work!!! Waste of money and wasting my time. Two times this week (Feb. 18-22, 2013) the service has become unavailable. I am unable to access my files or make entries or do anything. i will be canceling my account on Monday. If you want a practice management program that works do not get Amicus cloud.

I have used Amicus since 2005 and continue to have major issues with the syncing Amicus with MS Outlook. The most frustrating aspect is how poor the support Amicus offers for its product. I have made multiple requests and just, simply, get ignored. I need to find a new program. Any suggestions?

Well here we are at the end of the year and I still can't sync my iPhone with Amicus, in spite of reading three articles and getting several emails from Amicus-savvy types. My post above noted this back on January 20. Since then my Palm died so I'm left with only th iPhone and, get this, now I'm back to a paper calendar and calling the office.I love my iPhone, but this is nuts. At some point my aggravation will cause the demise of my iPhone, even though it'll keep running no doubt.

It seems that Amicus has a lot of great features. I can't understand why they aren't tested and fit to work seamlessly with Outlook (one of the most important office programs).

The issue of synching Amicus (and other programs) with an iPhone or similar device is not limited to Amicus. Originally, there was the Palm. Everybody synched with the Palm. Then came Windows CE devices, Blackberries, the iPhone, the Droid, etc. As a practical matter it is simply not possible for small software companies to write synching routines for every single smart phone -- not to mention new operating systems, upgrades, etc. So virtually everyone has opted to synch with Outlook, which will synch with virtually all devices on the market. This is a situation that is not going to change as new phones and operating systems multiply.

I also am irritated that I can't sync my iPhone with my Amicus via Outlook or otherwise. It was great with my Palm and I actually still use my Palm only for that purpose now but it's silly to have two devices. I've been an Amicus user since literally version 1, 3 office buildings ago in another town, and love Amicus but the sync issue is getting to me after 2+ years of iphone incompatibility.

Agree w/ Jason. Postings in the Amicus User Forum indicate that many users have not been able to sync Amicus with MS Outlook or smartphones (for years). This is a 'must have' feature that worked nicely with Amicus versions 5+ and earlier, but has apparently been unreliable for many or most Amicus users in 'upgrades' issued since then.

I've been an Amicus Attorney user since 2002 and finally made the switch to a web based program. I just got sick of the $1000/year maint plan, the "upgrades" that really should have been patches and let's not forget the slow and validation error codes that occur nearly nightly.

While I think Amicus was a darn good product, they have given too little and charged too much the last few years, they really need to revamp the program and the "upgrades".

Jason Kohlmeyer

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