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June 30, 2009


Our office has been using PCLaw for some time as well. We are considering adding document management software too. I understand that Time Matters offers a document management software, does anyone have any input on what software you are using and which you think is the best? Thank you.

Mr. Feigen,
Have you tried upgrading to a DVD-RW drive, this could give you approx. 4 gig of memory to work with. If you have then you might have to back-up the information on the hard drive and compress the file then copy it over to the cd rom.
D. Comtois

I have PC Law 10 and have been using it, despite many reservations like those mentioned. Now all I want to do is back up my data (and whatever else I need in case my computer blows up). I can't seem to be able to. I'm trying to get it onto a CD - R. Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do. PC Law and Lexis/Nexis are terrible about helping -- unless you pay a lot of money. I'm a sole practitioner and can't afford their fees. B. Feigen

Our office has been using PCLaw since 2006 and we absolutely love it. However, we are considering adding document management software. Does anyone have any input on what software you are using and which you think is the best? Thank you.

I am very new with PClaw, which is VERY different from Timeslip. I need to delete/remove a client and a matter from PClaw! Could you please tell me how?!

I have a problem with my PCLaw program.
I have two clients whose files show and arrears balance and a general retainer and an amount owing. I just want to delete them altogether. Is this possible? How?

I am a solo attorney with PC Law. I just tried to "undo" an invoice, and a few windows appeared about "rebuiding an index." When that process ended, I could no longer find the invoice. However, the A/R for that client/matter remains and the client/matter ledger shows that invoice number for each of the entries--like the invoice had not been "undone." Now, I can neither find the invoice to "undo" it nor otherwise remove the A/R amount.

Does anyone have any suggestions???

Thanks. My e-mail is WHM@mullislaw.com.

Does pclaw update 9.31d take a long time to install. I have a very fast computer and it is taking a long time to install. We do have a lot of data in the files.

In response to Tom Moore: Yes it is very possible to set up a Calendar template in current PCLaw versions (dont know if PClaw 10 has enhanced functionality). You can make use of Linked Dates in the PCLaw Calendar and set up your templates with base dates. The dates of your next set of events can also be fine tuned to be contingent upon the completion date of a prior event. Play around with this feature in the Experimental books and you will get ahang of it.


Hassan Maje

I have been using PCLaw for several years. I purchased it for TE. I am using it with a Palm 755P. When I hotsync I get duplicate files. Is there an easy way to delete these duplicate files from the contacts. Also, will PC Law be doing something to allow for syn on Palm PRO in the near future. Thanks

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