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June 18, 2009


Exactly. And if it has been identified as a BUG, then it should be fixed with a Service Pack in THIS version and not be told "wait until next version." This sort of thing is a large part of the reason why yearly updates amount to little more than a mechanism for milking clients for all they are worth. Clients should not have to pay for bug fixes that are known relatively early in the product cycle

John: Your comments re viewing other's appointments are well taken. We have complained to Amicus several times over the past year only to be told the same things you have noted. HOWEVER, perhaps persistence pays off - By email May 12, 2009 we received the following note from Dale Wainwright, Product Director, Amicus Attorney:

"Thank you for your emails on this issue. You are correct. The Security Profile that exposes Firm Files and Contacts should in fact expose the details of Events assigned to Files and Contacts. That was the intention. This issue has been logged as a bug. And please note that it is not recommended that you assign everyone to everything, especially if you are using third party links. This can result in having an adverse affect on overall performance as the Server must maintain transactions for every relationship each time an item is created and/or edited."

Regards, David Thompson, London, Ontario

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