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February 27, 2009


I am also a new Kindle 2 owner. In addition to the pdfs and Amazon created documents, one can also use Mobipocket Creator (publishing version) to convert documents. Mobi is owned by Amazon, and the software is free.

It works best if you create the document in Word and use the style headings and generate a TOC. Strip the page numbers off the TOC. Then convert and load. The TOC is then linked to the appropriate section of the document, really handy as the documents are not indexed. Documents created with the Mobipocket software are smaller than the same documents sent to Amazon for conversion.

In my case, the State of Maine has full versions of the statutes and court rules available for downloading. Cleaning them up in Word took a small amount of time, but traveling with these documents immediately available is a delight, and much lighter than the paper versions they replaced. And, of course, all that waiting time in court now does not go to waste.

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