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February 10, 2009


I do not think that it is wise to buy a year-current version of Gavel and Gown software. They had a major fiasco with Amicus Attorney X, which did not work. Then, a year later, they released Amicus Attorney 7, which had virtually all of the problems of X. That was it for me. I still use Amicus Attorney V in a limited fashion as I develop my own Filemaker application.

The only proven-stable platform for G&G products is Small Firm, which is built on the venerable and proprietary database on which Amicus Attorney V was built, with some minor tweaks. Yes, it is a proprietary, 10+ year old database. The other products (X, 7, 2008, 2009) are all SQL-based, and G&G has done and continues to do a poor job at implementing SQL-based database applications, and does not reasonably support them.

A case study in how the industry leader lost it all to Abacus and Time Matters, (and Needles, Law Files, Case Files, etc.), really.

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. That is correct. It is an extra module (at extra cost). It also requires a fixed IP address (but can probably be made to work with IP alias programs such as "Dyndns" which simulate a fixed IP address.

Amicus Mobile does not work on the small office version of 2009

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