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September 08, 2008


Document management is a good course to discuss because it entails a lot of important paper management. Every company must have to know about this and run a program using this manager. It will help work flows easily and manageably.

I totaly agree with Peter's comment, I can't imagine our life management without an efficient data management system

Secure document storage has never been so crucial ever since the Data Protection Act 1988.

If you are a business that holds personal details of customers or
clients, it’s crucial that you’re aware of the regulations detailed in the Data Protection Act. Secure document storage should be an intrinsic part of every business’s administrative processes, ensuring any sensitive documents are kept safe and secure.
The Data Protection Act 1988

The Data Protection Act outlines UK law on how data is processed on identifiable living people in order to protect their rights and identity. The Act falls in line with the European Directive of 1995 that was introduced to help protect individual’s fundamental rights and freedoms in respect to their privacy and personal data. Businesses and organisations are legally obliged to comply with the Data Protection Act prompting a tightening of procedures when it comes to secure document storage.

Thanks for sharing all the hyperlinks for document management. All are looking quite informative. I was looking for document management related information from long time. And today, I got it. Certainly, I will go for it.

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