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July 21, 2008


your best bet is to implement Worldox document management system (or upgrade and take advantage of the email integration in Worldox GX.

I use Office Outlook 2007 for my email. I use Acrobat 9 to save emails into a PDF format. If there is an attachment, Acrobat records it a a hypertext link whic, when clicked, opens the attachment in its native format e.g. if the attachment is a Word document it fires up Word and I can see the document.
Strictly speaking, the attachment is not saved, just a link to it.
This might work using TimeMatters to save the PDF file rather than the email as such.
I cannot test it as LexisNexis do not sell TM in my country (Australia) although I am presently negotiating with them to buy the US version.
As a matter of interest, I use Acrobat to save all my emails to one big PDF document as a backup procedure. It is, of course, fully searchable.

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