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February 14, 2008


http://logicbit.com for additional details

Great blog.

Being very familiar with TimeMatter and Lexis-Nexis as Cheif Architect and engineer of TimeMatters WorldServer I can attest to the fact that although Bob and Kevin worked very hard to deliver a great product and at the time I was very pleased to be working with them but in all honesty it was the community of users and consultants that made the product a success.

When the Lexis folks announced their plans to aquire TimeMatters I felt they were in software war with their rival Thomson and that the purchase of TimeMatters was just to keep West Law at bay instead of using their resources to improve the product and customer satisfaction so I refused their offer to stay onboard after the purchase and joined Sun Microsystems instead.

I certainly agree with your post but I'm sure the need for consultants will continue well into the future if not with Lexis products then with new emerging solutions.

If any legal software consultant is looking for a product to rally around, a product so robust you will always feel challenged, a product that is so extensible that a business can be built around it then please contact me. We need you skills and so do your clients.

I have decided to place a few Screen cast on one of our wiki pages demonstrating some of the new features you will find in our case management software.


No official release date, definitely not vaporware and we are accepting beta testers. The product is currently in use at the Defense Intelligence Agency and NSA but in a different context. Do not sign up via the website as it will only get lost in all the noise. Every one signs up instead send me a email directly.

Excellent insight as always John.

FYI, the law librarian community (which I'm currently working to become part of) has similar feelings about Lexis and their fellow conglomerate West.

Dave Rakowski
Allentown, PA

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