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November 26, 2007


interesting point, with how custom forms can be used nowadays, I am sure we will see more and more

The "dummy clients" idea is great. We use the same idea from a paper perspective and as we have started to migrate into a CMS/DMS environment, we've done the same thing.

I am a "client" with my projects at home as "matters" so I can track them and keep everything together. My "read some day/clipping" file is a client, much to the amusement of my paralegal who swore I'd never touch the "Reading file" client folder after opening it to put magazine clippings in it.

Right now, we're looking at the low-hanging CMS/DMS fruit (capturing documents, getting everything in e-format to keep from looking for files, etc.). Our eye, once the basics are in place, is automation. I'd rather invest in training and systems than more manpower. Put another way, I'd rather dig a ditch with a backhoe than with a chain gang.

One functionality in Time Matters and similar programs that a lot of people don't think of is the use of "dummy clients." These are not really clients at all but office administration or other functions. Thus you could set up a "client" called "Brief Bank" (or, as Wells Anderson recently suggested, "Excellent Writing." You could then either set up "matters" -- Real Estate, Wills, Pleadings, Motions, etc. -- or use document types under a main "matter" for that "client."

You would then copy the appropriate documents into that area. People could "nominate" documents for a brief bank by annotating the comments area with something like "BB Candidate" or some other code. You want a code that will be clear and unique so that it can easily be searchable. Alternatively, you could create a document type or "matter" called "candidate." People could copy documents to that designation for review by the appropriate party (you obviously don't want to just move the original document).

Setting up the document to be reused means going through and blanking out the specifics (client, etc.) so that it can be more easily reused. However, once in place and growing it can be very useful.

How would you recommend to set up a brief bank on TM9E? Thanks for the excellent blog.

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