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May 20, 2018



Thank for the review. It's wise and thoughtful, as I always expect from you. I really liked your summary of the key points - and your own examples.

Interestingly, early in my career, I worked with a partner who actually did put yellow stickies on my chair so I'd know what he wants me to work on in th morning. I was an early bird and he was a late bird. I has probably colored my perspective.

The security question a huge one. Tom and I will be presenting on this topic at the 2018 College of Law Practice Management event in October. In collaboration, security questions come up with the tools themselves and, perhaps more importantly, with the behaviors of your collaborators. As they say, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, especially in collaborative efforts.

Thanks again. I always appreciate your insights and have been reading your blog and article for many years.


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