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February 08, 2018


On outages: Yes and No. Yes, there will be outages and a firm has to take that into consideration. However, software also has to be designed so that the users will not lose data should an outage occur. If a firm loses data during an outage due to poor design of the SaaS software, that is the software's problem, not the firm's. So before going with a given SaaS program, a firm would want to examine the software's fault tolerance and how it deals with outages. Part of due diligence.

Using potential Internet outages and disruptions as a reason to avoid SaaS is akin to suggesting we all should use manual typewriters because electricity is unreliable. There are as many solutions/alternatives to potential Internet outages as there are to electrical outages.Firms that plan for neither outage might as well keep using those manual typewriters, while firms that plan their infrastructure carefully will eat everyone else’s lunch. Adapt ot die.


This piece is one of the best I have seen on the cloud option. I will use it with those clients that think htey need to be on a cloud system but are not sure why. Good work!

Bill Baker

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