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January 23, 2009


interesting posting! nicely done.

I have been using NetSatisfaxtion by Faxback (http://www.faxback.com/)for about 5 years. It allows you to send and receive faxes directly from Outlook. We have an Analog DID trunk with direct dial fax numbers for each person (12) in the firm. Faxes come directly into your inbox as an email attachment in pdf format. As far as I am concerned, the fax machine is dead.

Faxes are still useful. I'm very pleased with the solution I've been using for more than four years. When I purchased a Brother MFP-8840D, it came with a Brother-labeled fax program. The MFP substitutes for the fax modem of yesteryear. Hence, outbound faxes can either be sent the conventional way through the machine, or digitally, by selecting the PC-FAX as the "printer". The elegance of the software is that you have the option of not printing incoming faxes as hard copy, but having the fax received download them directly to your hard-drive, where a version of paperport holds/displays them. As a user of gotomypc, this lets me check my faxes from anywhere I have internet service. It saves paper, and its never been a problem.

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